How Your Child Can Now
Score AL3 And Above In 
Chinese Writing 
Even If He Hates Compo Writing Now ...
... Using Our Bilingual Compositions Collections Book featuring 7 Major Writing and Note-taking Techniques That Over 542 Students Have Benefited From!
Interviewed by/Worked with Students from:
"Give Your Child The Right Input To Get A Good Output..."
Update: There are only fewer than 10 books left before we run out of stock. 
Are you having a headache trying to get your child to write better Chinese compositions?

You’ve tried assessment books, sending your child for lessons or even nagging at him...

But, nothing seems to work!

If that’s the case, hear me out.

Hi, I’m Teacher Rosalind, the founder of Fun Language Learning.

Having taught many students especially in the area of writing, we noticed that the majority found it difficult to improve because of the #1 reason--they LACK the INPUT.

What do I mean by input?

Simply put, it means they lack reading.

Without the input, it’s very difficult to ask for a good output in the form of writing.

You might already know this.

However, a lot of parents tell me, “Teacher Rosalind, my child just doesn’t want to read Chinese stories!”


“My child wants to read Chinese stories but there are many words that he doesn’t know how to read.”


“My child reads but he is not applying anything he has read in his writing.”

How on earth are you going to get your child to read with all these barriers in the way?

Is it possible to remove these barriers so that your child reads?

Now, imagine your child  
🥇Having someone to read to him and that person need not be you! 

🥇Understanding what he is reading in Chinese without much explanation required!

🥇Knowing what to look out for in a good piece of writing so that he can use it in his compo!

All these are now possible!
Improvement from AL5 to AL2 for Chinese from P5 to P6 in 6 months
 Improvement from 23/40 to 30/40 for Chinese compo 
Student improved from AL5 to AL2 in 1 year
In our original in-house Bilingual Compositions Collection (my students often tell me that the topics come out for their exams), we have a QR code at the top right hand corner of each story so that by scanning it with a phone, the story will be read to the student!
  • If your child doesn’t like to read on his own for any reason, he can still follow the words as they are being read to him while you relax at the end of a tiring work day.
  • If your child doesn’t understand what he is reading in Chinese, he can refer to the English version which helps him bridge the gap.
  • If your child doesn’t know what to look out for in a good piece of writing, he can learn from one learning point that is highlighted in each composition so that he can apply it to his writing.
  • The good news is both Chinese and English compositions following the PSLE syllabus are included so you are actually getting two books to improve your child’s writing for the price of one.
  • ​Because I always like to overdeliver, I’ve included THREE MORE bonuses to further support your child in his writing journey :D


  • A full-coloured Bilingual Compositions Book with 7 Major Writing and Note-taking Techniques that top students have mastered (Worth $89)
  • Audios in English and Chinese especially for students who do not like to read and prefer to listen (Worth $118)
  • BONUS 1: A  video collection of our 5 Senses Challenge (Days 1 to 5) that your child can follow and learn our 5 Senses Technique in detail and apply in his English writing so that examiners have no choice but to award him more language points (Worth $134)
  • BONUS 2: A-to-Z Bilingual Emotions Chart with plug-and-play short phrases (Worth $18)
  • ​​BONUS 3: 50 Must-know Chinese Sentence Structures e-book (Worth $39)



$398 $39


Item Price
Dear Parents, I'm a Bilingual Specialist with more than 10 years of experience in helping students achieve A* grade in Chinese and English using my SPEED Methodology. On top of being featured in Lianhe Zaobao, I have also taught at schools such as NUS High and private institutions

To walk the talk as a mentor, I have published The Man in the Mirror with students in a book publishing programme. I am also the author of 9 self-help guide books for students taking PSLE and inspire students to express their thoughts authentically through writing and speaking.
  83% obtained A* and A  (Now AL1 to AL4) for Chinese and English
  100% obtained at least a B (Now AL5 ) for Chinese and English
  MOE IRS Teacher, certified translator and mentor to children
Seeing how my students have benefited from my writing frameworks and teaching, I've decided to consolidate the essential elements into this Bilingual Compositions Collections to help students end their struggle with writing and see light at the end of the tunnel.
Some schools and students I have worked with
 Highest compo score in class 
 Useful and practical tips that can be applied easily to compo writing 
Fun way of learning compo writing makes it less intimidating for student
Chinese made easy for the Math & Science-inclined P6 student to follow
Some of you might wonder, does this really work? 
I'll be upfront with you and say, no, it doesn’t if you see your child as a problem and this as a quick solution to fix him.

However, I would like to invite you to take a moment and think about this:
If all this book does is to
🏆 Help your child discover that he can actually read on his own and smile broadly with a sense of accomplishment

🏆 Understand what he is reading so that he enjoys what he reads and starts picking up other books

🏆 Highlight just one learning point that he can apply to gain 5 more marks for his compo, regaining his confidence in writing

Would it be worth it?
There are two options you can take:
1)    🚫 Close this window and revert to the old ways of getting an uninterested child to do assessment books, attend more lessons or listen to more nagging. :(


2)    ✅ Get this book and follow the steps to help your child ignite some interest and get some input (reading) before asking them for the output (writing). :D

Children inherently like stories. They pick up a lot through stories. 

For every day that they remain unexposed to stories, they are missing out on a world of possibilities for them.

The best time to start reading was yesterday. The next best time to start reading is NOW.

English and Chinese Bootcamp for P3 to P6 students (photo taken before Covid)

Rosalind Teaching Using Her Results-churning SPEED Method (photo taken before Covid)

Interactive & Fun Language Learning (photo taken before Covid)

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