How Your Child Can Now
score At Least 30/40 
In His Chinese Compo
Without Wasting Precious Time On Random Advice Before PSLE...
... Using The 'S.P.E.E.D' Method That Works For Over 1,758 Parents!

Interviewed by and worked with:

"How to Master Chinese Writing in Just 3 Months Conveniently At Home..."
"...Using a proven system and not random advice."

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Do note that this writing toolbox is sold out and delivery will only be available from 30 Apr onwards.  


  • Immediate lifetime access to 10 modular video lessons detailing content and language writing strategies and techniques. See a 10-mark jump in grade as your child applies one or two techniques!
  • A full-coloured 102-page workbook with bite-sized practices and suggested writing samples that accompany the video lessons. This will be delivered FREE to your doorstep within 1 week.
  • Comprehensive personalised feedback on 2 Chinese compositions in the workbook. Besides correcting his errors, we will show your child exactly how to tweak and improve his writing. 
  • Bilingual Phrasebook in hardcopy with more than 600 English and Chinese short phrases describing emotions from A to Z. It comes with 5 Composition Review Videos with detailed commentary that your child can follow and learn how to develop his content and language in his writing. Our students have been using this and have seen a tremendous improvement in the way they describe events. This will be delivered FREE to your doorstep within 1 week.
  • ​Bilingual Compositions Book with stories your child can model after ( students tell me the topics come out in their exams!). Not to mention the English and Chinese audios that read to your child when he scans the QR codes in the book. This too will be delivered FREE to your doorstep within 1 week.
  • ​My Chinese Writing Library updated periodically with additional writing resources that provide advanced writing tips for your child to model after.
  • ​FREE Upgrade for future video updates to this toolbox.

Secure Your Child's PSLE DISTINCTIONS 
With Our SPEED Learning Methodology... 
(works even for students currently with AL5 and AL6 grades)

“I see his improvement esp 作文 from 12/40 to 25/40 in 6 months. My boy was so confident with Chinese as a subject by PSLE.”
- Mother of Hagen Bong (P6-SJIJ)

Dear Parents, I'm a Bilingual Specialist with 10 years of experience in helping students achieve A* grade in Chinese and English using my SPEED Methodology. On top of being featured in Lianhe Zaobao, I have also taught at schools such as NUS High and private institutions.
To walk the talk as a mentor, I have published The Man in the Mirror with students in a book publishing programme. I am also the author of 9 self-help guide books for students taking PSLE and inspire students to express their thoughts authentically through writing and speaking.
  • 83% obtained A* and A  (Now AL1 to AL4) for Chinese and English
  • 100% obtained at least a B (Now AL5) for Chinese and English 
  • MOE IRS Teacher, certified translator and mentor to children

English and Chinese Bootcamp for P3 to P6 students (Photo taken before Covid)

Rosalind Teaching Using Her Results-churning SPEED Method (Photo taken before Covid)

Interactive & Fun Language Learning
(Photo taken before Covid)

How is Our Teaching Different?

The SPEED™ Method is the FASTEST WAY For P5-P6 Students To Master Chinese In Just 3 Months
While Having Fun Learning At Home Conveniently.
The 5 elements of SPEED Language Learning™ need not be executed in a clockwise direction.

It is a flexible yet structured way of learning that caters to the needs of each student. As we practise what we preach, we incorporate these elements in the courses we teach.

My Language Toolbox™ series of online courses equip students with specific skills such as comprehension and critical thinking.

Here's what your child will get:

Unit 1: Baseline review of your child's current standard of writing. Here is where we focus on the why, what and how of improving your child's writing by meeting your child at his level and SHOWING (not telling) him how to bring his writing to the next level.

Unit 2: Identify and map out ALL the details that must not be missed out without spending an excessive amount of time planning.

Unit 3: Design the story flow with the One-Punch line so that your child will fulfil the content and wow his examiner with a well thought-out cohesive plan. Many students miss this and it costs them as much as 10 marks.

Unit 4: Eliminate cliche and overused introduction that put examiners to sleep. Stand out with two refreshing meaningful starters.

Unit 5: Apply the LED Framework to go beyond the sloppy blanket statement "He learnt never to do this again" or "经一事,长一智" which are meaningless and don't conclude the story well. 

Unit 6: Use FAST to instantly multiply a 5-word statement to more than 30 words that describe the characters' emotions vividly! Especially useful if your child has problems developing the story.

Unit 7: Stand out among his peers with the A-method that helps the reader visualise what's going on in the story. 

Unit 8: A little known small tweak that creates a huge and lasting impact on the examiner by giving him a peek into the character's world.

Unit 9: Advanced literary techniques that even beginners can see results when applied. No more memorising looooong bombastic paragraphs which your child hates.

Unit 10: Showcase his language skills so that examiners have no choice but to add at least 5 more marks to his language score!

Final Review: Get a detailed breakdown of how much your child has applied. Watch in amazement as you see your child's breakthrough in his standard of writing.

The workbook accompanying the videos provide your child with bite-sized practices unit by unit. The examples given can be flexibly adapted for any composition topic.

Some Schools and Students I Have Worked With:


Student in an English speaking environment was top two in his class for Chinese
Student's compo was selected and typed out by school teacher for all to read
From hating Chinese to happily attending lessons
Effective tools and open communication help student understand better
Chinese Compo marks improved from 26 to 33 out of 40 in 6 months 
 P4 student from English-speaking family got 2nd highest in class for Chinese
Engaged for the full duration of both online and offline lessons
Learnt many techniques and skills to apply in both English and Chinese languages
Personalised and engaging lessons using a variety of tools and videos
Improvement in Chinese compo from 23/40 to 30/40 in 6 months
Compo writing lessons are fun and not stressful
Chinese made easy for the Math & Science-inclined P6 student to follow
From marginal pass to an A in 1 year
Good Chinese foundation set for secondary school
Improvement from AL5 to AL2 for Chinese from P5 to P6 in 6 months

IMAGINE, How Would It Feel Like To...

  • Wake up 3 months from today, to your excited child showing their exam papers to you filled with 'A' grades?
  • ​Finally be able to let your child learn effectively from home without sending them to expensive tuition centres?
  • Understand your child better and grow with them personally as you read their detailed reviewed work…
  • Save over $1,000 on chinese assessment books that your child may not enjoy and find boring…
  • ​​Save over $5,000 on tuition courses that MAY NOT guarantee an 'A' grade in your child's exams…

A* Chinese Writing Toolbox™


$1948 $279

Update: Sold Out
Do note that this writing toolbox is sold out and delivery will only be available from 30 Apr onwards.  

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