How Your Child Can Now
Score AL1 To AL3 In Chinese
Even If He Doesn't  Like Chinese At all
And Speaks English Most of the time...
... Using My P6 Chinese Notebook featuring PSLE Quick Revision Techniques That The Top 25% of Students Scoring AL3 and above in their Chinese Are Using!
Interviewed by/Worked with Students from:
"Teach Your Child The Value of Taking Small, Consistent Steps To Achieve His Goal..."
Update: Only 15 books left before we run out of stock. 
“Teacher Ros, Sarah* got AL3 for her PSLE Chinese. She can’t believe it,” said Sarah’s mum (*name changed to protect her privacy) over a text message.

Well, I can believe it.

In fact, I predicted it.

Not because I’ve superpowers but because of this ONE thing that she did.

You see, when she first came to me, she was scoring below 70 (AL5), doesn't like Chinese and speaks English most of the time.

We only had one 1.5-hour online group coaching session a week.

I gave her simple tasks to complete.

Yet, she didn’t despise the small steps.

Even though she handed in her work late at times, she completed them.

Now, Sarah is not the only student who scored AL3 and above in Chinese. 80% of my online students (1:1 boys to girls ratio) did too.

So, what is their secret?

They were CONSISTENT in the actions they took.

After all, it’s not just about setting a lofty goal but...

...taking consistent actions to achieve that.

Wait a second...

Do you mean taking actions just like how some people follow a strict keto diet?


😍The actions need not be too time-consuming 
(e.g. sitting through another 4 hours of Chinese lessons or 
writing a new piece of composition every single week) 

😍The actions need not be too difficult 
(e.g. doing all the assessment books and papers that are available 
on top of the piling school homework)

😍The actions need not be too demanding 
(e.g. scoring above 85 for every exercise, getting stressed in the process)

They just need to be SMALL and CONSISTENT
Seeing my students achieve the results that they desire by taking the small consistent steps that I have shown them, I am excited to share this proven strategy with more students to help them get the results they want. 

They need not have lessons with me. In fact, they can be coached by their parents or tutors...
...Using a Simple Blueprint
That’s why I’ve included in this book, the exact simple tasks that I get my students to do.

Just before his exams, your child will have a collated word list with meanings and examples on how to use the words so that he can have a quick revision instead of ploughing through his whole textbook.

Yes, this book contains the actual exam prep notes that my students use. No withholding.
Dear Parents, I'm a Bilingual Specialist with 10 years of experience in helping students achieve A* grade in Chinese and English using my SPEED Methodology. On top of being featured in Lianhe Zaobao, I have also taught at schools such as NUS High and private institutions

To walk the talk as a mentor, I have published The Man in the Mirror with students in a book publishing programme. I am also the author of 9 self-help guide books for students taking PSLE and inspire students to express their thoughts authentically through writing and speaking.
  83% obtained A* and A (Now AL1 to AL4) for Chinese and English
  100% obtained at least a B (Now AL5) for Chinese and English
  MOE IRS Teacher, certified translator and mentor to children
Seeing how my students have benefited from my Chinese learning frameworks and teaching, I've decided to consolidate the essential elements of revision into this book, My P6 Chinese Notebook to help students  get their desired Chinese results and end their struggle with Chinese.
Using My P6 Chinese Notebook, your child can:
  • Learn his spelling unit by unit (without you by his side)
  • Use the words to make creative sentences (we show him suggested sentences that stick)
  • Do a word search in every unit to ensure he knows the meaning of the words (without you testing him)
  • ​Focus on the must-know words in the current syllabus (often tested in exams) 
  • ​Take small, consistent steps to achieve his goal (we’ve even included a learning map to track his progress so you can reward him with a small treat to keep him motivated!)


  • A full-coloured My P6 Chinese Notebook with PSLE Quick Revision Techniques, Goal Guidelines, Must-know P6 Words, Idioms and Misspelt Words Lists that top students have mastered (Worth $108)
  • BONUS 1: 50 Must-know Chinese Sentence Structures e-book (Worth $39)
  • BONUS 2: 5 Videos on 7 Highly Effective Hacks to Remember Chinese Words with accompanying colour-printed worksheets  (Worth $132)



$279 $19


Item Price
If all this book does is to help your child
🥇Do his revision without you by his side.

🥇Get the motivation he needs because you can easily track his progress and reward him with small treats at different milestones.

🥇Have a collated list he can revise with ease by the time exam comes. (= no more mad rush to devour all the words at one go!)

Would it be worth it?
Teach your child the value of cultivating good Chinese learning habits.

By making his own notes to consolidate his learning (instead of being constantly spoonfed), he is taking small, consistent steps to achieve his goal.

It is never too late to start now!
Improvement from AL5 to AL2 for Chinese from P5 to P6 in 6 months
Chinese made easy for the Math & Science-inclined P6 student to follow
P5 student could not believe her Chinese results
P6 student who used to hate Chinese said that Chinese was his most improved subject
P4 student from English-speaking family got 2nd highest in class for Chinese

English and Chinese Bootcamp for P3 to P6 students (photo taken before Covid)

Rosalind Teaching Using Her Results-churning SPEED Method (photo taken before Covid)

Interactive & Fun Language Learning (photo taken before Covid)

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